Designing website launchers for gaming retail websites

Websites with an emphasis of digital distribution and digital marketplaces are given a special spot in the website categories due to the specific selling point of these sites. Examples such as Steam and Uplay make money by selling what would be licenses for accounts created under the sites name to download and locally play these games. These websites, which Web Design Malaysia industries are trying to adopt for local digital marketplaces, make money through this method and is a guaranteed great way to sell the products that they displayed due to how safe it is for these companies as the need to constantly have an account to play the game requiring it and that the products are only playable by the person that originally bought them which makes no resale value.

Sites that were built such as these require a great design that helps to make sure that it is interesting and attractive enough for customers to browse through it, creating an accessible and customisable eCommerce environment to fit the constantly changing sales that they have while also assuring that the sites is always SEO ready with an emphasis of searches related to the games that are currently popular at the time and related to purchasing those games as well. Steam for example has a very simple design in regards to their site with the display of games that are curated for the specific user of that account as well as the games displayed also being factored by the location of where the site is accessed. Steam also keeps the prices up to date according the country that is accessed with the games also emphasizing on where it could be played. Steams pages on the games are also very neatly designed with a large slider that shows various screenshots of the game, and buttons with large and coloured buttons to make navigation easier.

To conclude, the design of your game launcher correlates directly with the way you design your website. Should the design of the website is successful, you will have an incredibly successful game launcher.