Voopoo Vinci Replacement Pods UK

Voopoo Vinci Replacement Pods UK

Technology just gave vapers a whole new amazing experience with various replacement pod systems available on the market. There are numerous types of replacement pod systems and e-liquid flavors that a plethora of vapers all over the world use.

However, as much as there is a wide range of pod systems available, it will be quite safe for you to go for one of the exquisite quality.

Introduction of Voopoo Vinci X Pod Mod


Interestingly, the Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod is the newest release of the Vinci series and it comes with the latest AIO pod style. This replacement pod system has adapted to the recent trends of technology given its sophisticated design.

The Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod is quite an upgrade of other Vinci replacement pod system products and it has a lot of fantastic features. It is quite taller, thicker, and sleeker than the Vinci R and original Vinci model.

Voopoo VINCI X Battery and Output

Yes, unlike the previous series of the Vinci pod system, it is powered with a long-lasting 18650 removable battery and it gives an output power of about 70 watts. More so, it is designed in a small frame which allows for better user experience.

It is quite compatible with various flavors of e-liquids and nic salt and it is quite handy. As opposed to various traditional pod systems which are difficult to carry around, the Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod is portable and can be conveniently put in your pocket or bag.

Voopoo VINCI X Coils and Performance

Furthermore, the Voopoo Vinci X coils feature as part of the entire vaping kit and they are 5 in the pack. They come with cotton-wicking materials and several coil head designs and they are quite suitable for a different amount of wattage. The Voopoo Vinci coils contain various types of coils that ensure you enjoy different types of vaping styles, massive vapor production, and e-liquid types. It’s all up to you!

With the maximum output power of 70 watts, you can now produce bigger clouds while vaping. The Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod comes with a multifunctional power button to switch it on and to also adjust power output (5-70 watts) to satisfy your vaping needs.

Voopoo VINCI X Review


This newest release of the Vinci series also prevents coils from burning out. Whether you are a novice or veteran user unfamiliar with power adjustment, the Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod is specifically for you. With the in-built GENE.AI chipset, the coils are recognized and power is matched to a considerable level, preventing the burning of the coil.

As much as this newest version of the Vinci series comes with a Voopoo Vinci X coils, it is also compatible with all other PnP coils. The Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod has given the vaping world a whole new experience and it is technologically driven. Learn more about VINCI X and PnP coils at the complete VINCI X Guide.

Q&A of Voopoo VINCI X Coils

  1. What is a PnP coil?

The PnP coil series are a versatile range from Voopoo giving you options from regular e-liquid capabilities to higher strength freebase and nicotine salts vape juices. They come in a patented MAAT technology with a plug and play design designed for Voopoo VINCI series.

  1. How long do PnP coils last?

It can last between one to two weeks with moderate usage.

  1. How To Fill the VooPoo Vinci X Pod?


l Remove the VINCI pod from the battery mod

l Remove the rubber plug with your fingernail to reveal the filling slot

l Hold the VINCI Pod horizontally and fill with your e-liquid

l Close the rubber plug

l Place the VINCI Cartridge back onto the mod

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